Stop Bank Fraud

Most Banks & Lenders broke the law:
they fraudulently lied to you about the Nature of the Transaction.

Who is the “Lender” on your Note & Mortgage? (e.g. Chase, WellsFargo, WaMu, BofA, Countrywide, etc ?)
They didn’t lend you any money, so they lied to say they were the Lender.
      (Contract Law = if they induce you with a lie to sign a contract, that contract is null and void from inception)
This is Constructive Fraud and Deceit, provable by Discovery in Court or by prior requests.

Before 2002, they monetized your Note & gave you a banking data entry of funds borrowed from the Federal Reserve.
From 2002 to 2008, most had a WallStreet-created Securitization Trust advance you funds from Investors.
But the Investors in the Pool they put your loan into had no rights to a lien (Deed of Trust or Mortgage)
(They split your loan up into tranches & sold in separate Securities = not a Real Estate Loan any more)
The WallStreet-created Securitization Trust was a ploy to get middle men to profit and rip off Investors and You

Most People don’t want to go to court, so they just pay.
(Banks don’t want to go to court either, if they see they will lose.)

We can help – with Forensic Loan Review of the Loan Documents & Recordings combined with a Securitization Audit.
In 85% of cases, the Audit discovers laws that the lender broke.
Banks are more willing to re-negotiate or Modify your loan when their Constructive Fraud is proven.
Banks don’t want to go to court if they know they will lose.

We have the resources to do the proper Audit for you.
Imagine – if you had lower mortgage payments and owed less!

The Best Strategies I’ve found!!!:
Hit Them Hard with a Securitization Audit with Forensic Document Research
The Audit normally shows the Laws They Violated
You could use it as ammo to get them to give you a good Loan Modification or sue them with a good lawyer,
but often it is better to prepare first with Qualified Written Requests for Documents, and possibly a Rescission of the Loan under some circumstances.

I recommend 4 website with 4 approaches:
1) for Audits.
2) Refinance at
3) fight Foreclosure with several strategies from Beat foreclosure Fast .com.
4) aka

Why are Banks allowed to Lie?
Many People want to settle the Bank’s TortFeasance out of court.
If enough people join, we could wake the banks up fast.
Mad Enough at the Deception to Get Your Mortgage Released?
Banks should Release your Mortgage to keep you quiet.


Click Here for More Background Details or Click Here for files on the Fed & info from Ron Paul
or read an OverviewOfWhatHappensToThePromissoryNote

The Best Strategy I’ve found!!!:
Hit Them Hard with a Securitization Audit with Forensic Research.
The Audit normally shows the Laws They Violated
We help you gather the documents you need to prove their fraud.
Sometimes a simple Rescission of the Loan can stop them.
Otherwise, have a lawyer do a Loan Modification or help you sue them, if needed.

Lenders Commited Fraud